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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Step by Step Backup of ISA Firewall Policy

One of the Most Crucial and Worth Taking part is of taking Routine Backups of ISA configuration
Such as he Firewall Policy, System Policy.
In this Step by Step Article I will teach you how to take Backup of Firewall Policy as a whole.You can also Take Individual Backup of a rule also.

Step 1
Open ISA Server Management and navigate to Firewall Policy, At the right most Top click on Tasks Pane.

Step 2
Slide down to “Related Tasks” and click Export Firewall Policy.

Step 3

Click Next , You will see a window which asks you if you want to make this rule password protected, check mark Export Confidential Information if needed and enter the Password. In my case I don’t want to make it password protected so I clicked Next.

Step 4

Browse and give a Path where  you want to save the .xml file.

Step 5

Click Next and Finish.

A message window appears confirming that you have successfully exported the configuration.

Navigate to the Path and Confirm that there exists a file named “policy.xml”
You cannot import a rule from ISA Standard Edition to ISA Enterprise Edition and vice versa.


Himayat Ullah Khan.

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